Serendipity Park - Georgia's Premier Family Nudist Park

Georgia's Friendliest Family Nudist Park - Absolutely more monkeys than ANY other nudist park! 

We are proud to be SIX-TIME winners of AANR's Koch Award for Outstanding Friendliness!

Toll-free: 888-NUDE-ONE

Office: 706-219-3993

Fax: 706-219-2118


95 Cedar Hollow Drive

Cleveland, GA 30528

Are You Ready to Be Stress-Free?

You've come to the right place. Serendipity Family Nudist Park offers stress-free relaxation in a family-friendly environment. We also feature 100% all-natural tan-line removal. Our members are 5-time national award winners for outstanding friendliness, so stop putting off taking it off and come on out. You're going to have a great time! There's no need to be nervous, Serendipity is a "clothing comfortable" facility. That means we want you to take the time that you need to become acclimated and comfortable in the new environment. You will be amazed at how quickly stress and tension melt away when you feel the sun and breeze on your bare skin. We are proudly confident that you are going to thoroughly enjoy the experience...

...a lot.




WARNING: Exposure to Serendipity Park is extremely habit-forming.

If you are offended by natural nudity, you probably shouldn't travel too much outside of the USA, and you should definitely leave this site at once. There are pictures on this website that depict people engaged in wholesome, family-oriented nude recreation. So in other words:

Beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers

OK, we're going to call that "fair warning." You should also know that if you are looking for pornography, you're wasting your time... more ways than one!

Beautiful Blue Creek borders park property

With that out of the way, let's get on with it, eh? Serendipity Park is located at the edge of the beautiful North Georgia mountains about 90 minutes northeast of Atlanta. We are a full-service family-oriented nudist park offering day visits, overnight tent or RV camping, and rental cabins as well as lot spaces for full-time or part-time living. This website contains a wealth of information for first-timers AND long-time nudists.


So come on in and look around. Meet the folks who make the park run like a well-oiled machine on our Staff page. The First-Timers Guide has the answers to your most frequently-asked questions. Have a look at our comfortable cozy cabins on the Rates page, and check out our beautiful Grounds and Amenities. Have you ever considered getting married or renewing your vows clothes-free? We can make it happen; details are on the Weddings page. See what's happening at the Dip this weekend on the Reminder page. Be sure to take your time and explore the entire site. The vast majority of your questions will be answered here. If not, just give us a call. (Ask for Paul, heh-heh.)


Be sure to check back often and see what's new.


We want to be your first choice for the weekend

Call us up and schedule a free tour - we'd love to meet you

Singles welcome

Your behavior is your passport

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